Robert Brown
Professional toastmaster and master of ceremonies

The qualities of a toastmaster

Toastmasters are experts in etiquette. They will add dignity and a ‘touch of class,’ to your wedding.

They will guarantee your wedding will run smoothly and are adept at dealing with unforeseen circumstances. They will also give a gentle, guiding hand to anyone who displays bad behaviour!

They will offer pre-wedding advice on services, procedures and speeches.

A toastmaster will see that all your instructions are carried out, with a final check at your venue before you arrive.

They will organise and announce each guest at the receiving line, announce the bride and groom, the speeches, the cutting of the cake, the first dance and they will even tell your guests when to applaud!

What will a toastmaster do for me?

Most of their activities go unobserved. For example, you notice that the children are settled and occupied, the catering staff have cleared the dishes, the music has stopped and the guests’ glasses are filled. Then, in true wedding fashion, you hear the bang of a gavel and the loud voice of the toastmaster announcing the commencement of the speeches. It all seems to be organised so effortlessly but it is the toastmaster’s doing!

A toastmaster for all occasions

  • Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions
  • Masonic Ladies Festivals and Ladies Nights
  • Civil Partnerships
  • Family Celebrations
  • Bar mitzvahs and Bat mitzvahs
  • Diplomatic and Civic Occasions
  • Military and Regimental Functions
  • Institute and Corporate Dinners
  • Rotary, Round Table
  • Lions Events
  • Balls and Banquets
  • Dinner Dances and Gala Evenings
  • Burns Night Suppers
  • Garden Parties and Charity Events
  • Fundraising Auctions
  • Company Presentations
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Sporting Evenings and Events
  • Formal and Informal Lunches