The Toastmaster

The toastmasterA Toastmaster in his red tailcoat is a unique English tradition that is as relevant today as when it all first started in the eighteenth century.  A Toastmaster adds a certain style, distinction and panache to any formal or informal ceremony, event or celebration.  The Toastmaster offers the traditional services of greeting and announcing guests and introducing speeches and toasts, but combines these with the roles of advisor, organiser, presenter, communicator and diplomat.  His duties relieve the host of worry and stress, and include overseeing the smooth running of the event.

Robert Brown will be pleased to advise on the correct procedure in accordance with the accepted tradition, protocol, etiquette and social order, but of course the Host’s specific wishes prevail.  Robert will act as a Master of Ceremonies in a formal or informal manner as required, and co-ordinate the event on the day so that Host and guests may relax and enjoy it, knowing that the agreed timings and formalities will be observed.

Prior to the occasion planning is of paramount importance to the smooth running of the event. Robert will advise on tradition, etiquette and protocol, and once the Host has decided on their requirements, will prepare a detailed order of proceedings.

Robert has 30 years experience as a Police Officer, is used to ‘thinking on his feet’ to deal calmly and efficiently with any situation that might arise.

Robert was trained by, and is a graduate of the prestigious UK School of Professional Toastmasters. He is a Past President of, and a member of the Association of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters.